Mr Thomas I will like to thank you for the best, most honest service ever. You delivered as promised, and even more. The flight was easy on Tyson, and the pick-up and customs took 10 minutes. Eventually everywhere we go, Tyson is talk of the town. Even the vet and his staff were blown away by how sweet and cuddly he is. Tyson is everything you said he would be, and more. I was once scammed and was worried about not being scammed a second time. Also, Thomas and his wife are more than honest, and a pleasure to deal with. you can post my phone number so I can tell everyone how great you and Happy Bully Den are. in fact i can never thank you enough
Steve Morrison
The first time I found Happy Bully Den I was in love with the puppies, their size, and their cuteness, I just couldn’t believe my eyes. When I finally decided to get one of their puppies I didn’t believe they were real. I bought Nala and with her pictures, I fell in love. Everything from their service to their dogs are out of this world and I couldn’t be happier. When she finally arrived to Denver I thought she would be really tired after hours of traveling, on the contrary, she was energized and couldn't wait to explore her new home. And even after they delivered her they were supper concerned for her and answered my questions with outstanding patience and I couldn’t be happier with my baby she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and she is super fun!
Mary Pirkle
After a long search and detailed studies into Pocket Bully we are delighted to be strongly recommended Happy bully den Thomas passion, knowledge and care for his dogs and the breed in general, were immediately obvious. We had lots of help and guidance throughout and we are comforted to know that Thomas is always on the end of the phone with caring advice and a genuine interest in the long-term well-being of his dogs.
Norbert S. Schwartz
We Purchased bought a Female Pocket bully puppy from Thomas, and could not have been more pleased. he helped us select our puppy and sent us photos and videos until we got her in our hands. Our little Liloo is a happy, healthy baby who is got a great personality! Just as we could see on pics and videos, life is so much sweeter with her! We weren't the easiest buyers, but Thomas is awesome with answering all our questions and giving advice before and after we got the puppy. Everything went so fast and smoothly, thanks to Thomas. For this purpose, i highly recommend Happy bully den for everyone who want to be an owner of a unique, healthy and super sweet Pocket bully.
Leslie Holmes
There are no words to describe happiness and joy! I got the puppies of my dreams! They are everything I wanted and much more. I can tell by their behavior how much they trusts humans, and how well trained and treated. Thomas was very professional, responsible, and patient. The shipping process to my home was a bit strict and complicated, but Thomas was there to guide and help in any way he could make it so much easier for me. Now that I have him, He keeps giving me the best advice on how to take care of this lovely mooshy mooshy Thank you so much!
Tonia Murphy
We want to thank Happy Bully Den , and their very helpful team for being the best addition to my family. Cannoli is a beautiful, warm, and precious puppy. My dreams have come true when I received her. Cannoli is my first puppy from Happy Bully Den, but I will be back for a second. I recommend anyone to purchase from them, you won’t be disappointed.
Kristine Booth